Monday, 21 July 2014

I am Mambo Ntema

I’m Mambo Ntema

My name is painted on the walls of traces and faces of thought,
Like fallen dreams at intimate talk to my person; I'm the silent wall;
That echoes in distant call to the art without fall,
I'm Mambo Ntema; the heritageI descend from the Wayeyi peoples at birth,
I depend on the river's worth from birth, 

And I detach from the hands;
And tongues of a sinner's word— at ease when spoken word...
Detains me to become, than dead, 
I reside along long rivers of silent waters deep,
I recite along a long song of deeper but unhidden words of matters deep,
I write a kind you find in lines of inspirational minds of thought and life,
I'm the lineage that talks than hide my emotional walk to a tide,
I'm from the jungles of the mighty Wayeyi deep;
In the distant Matsaudi village, in the Eastern side of Ngamiland,
Along Tjaratjamba stream;
That snakes its golden silent wings towards Santandadibe, stretching
Along Khoo at peace— and waving its waters along Xoldi and Mazange at ease,
I rise between tallest grass and leaves of tallest treesof basket weavers—
And gatherers of papyrus reeds, I come from a distant village that knows each;
Other's lineage; I'm the art from Ntema Shaldiwara Sinqaera the Great’s traces,
My mother's palm has faces of faded faces—
From ancient days; her tongues speak an ancient day—
When she calls my maiden name at day, 

Buyile; literally, it’s gone and faded,
She told, I'm the 6th from her pains—
She laboured, her prayers were rendered when silent rains—
Came to my shadow, she takes my hand strong and praise 
The Ancient persons gone, but stays—
When brighter days come, how great— it is, to be of such roots and faith,
Perhaps I'm the chosen one— that marvels when travels have patterns—
To an unknown one; I’m the roots to trees taller and leaves thicker than withers,
I’m the spoken word that utters when matters scatter in silent winters,
I’m the history of ancient history; 
My eyes shall stay longer and bolder,
I’m the victim of silent mystery; my ears shall hear for years longer,
I’m the son of scattered soils of abundant wild, but wild as a child,
I write my art in osmotic tango like a Mambo child,
I rise by the night when silent shadows of the dark define—
Their hearts of broken pieces like prisoners and their crime,
I am Mambo Ntema; the son of forefathers gone in their time,
And my footprints are painted in the soils where nations delight,
Their troubles are too many to tell but strengthened as might,
Under the sun of sunset breeze by the night,
I am the Poet, the musical echoes of the voiceless!
I'm a brother, a father and son of Africa's voiceless souls gone and present...

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

Our roots and culture define what we've become. Let’s concert and redefine the historical misconceptions through spoken art to preserve intangible cultural heritage of the gone. As time tells, days of our time shall be history to generations come. 

The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and Mental inspiration poetry

MAMBO de PoeT (Botswana) 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Do not Escape Me O Dear Life part 1

Do not Escape Me O Dear Life
Do not escape me O dear life;
Hold my soul too nearer by yours, O dear life!
Provoke to persuade me O dear life,
Hold my last days longer O dear life;
But if and when I die, O dear life,
Let me gone and stay further like sunshine;
To my shadow, and my song I shall sing when the sun shines…
My life inspires me tomorrow, today and the day before;
Walk with me, come and walk with me O dear life;
(Let I) Deal with the stress, and deal with the pressure;
Deal with no less, and respect my treasure;
Deal with no curse, and never walk back, never…
My life inspires me tomorrow, today and forever more;
Stay with me, come and stay with me (O dear life),
In silence of words and thought;
That silently said to the day, at dawn,
But my fingers are so crossed and tired;
And dreamers follow their dreams true as desired,
Their night has silent loudest thoughts as inspired;
And their hearts have voices….
Of distant stars of shadowed dreams, and I said;
My life inspires me tomorrow, today and forever more;
Grow with me, come and talk with me (O dear life),
Do not forsake me O dear life—
Hold my last breath (unto you) life,
Strain me not in faded words, O dear life;
Quench my thirst and fade away all my worries, O dear life,
Do not escape me O dear life!
Hold my days longer O dear life from the Giver,
And their hearts have voices….
Of distant stars of shadowed dreams, and I said;
Do not forsake me until my soul departs between and gone…
Do not escape me O dear life until my body gone;
My life inspires me tomorrow, today and the day before;
Rise up and walk with me, come and walk with me O dear life,
Hold my last days longer O dear life;
But if and when I die, O dear life,
Never should I cry, but gone O dear life;
Let me gone and stay further like sunshine—
To my shadow,
And my song shall faded gone when the night comes…..


Adapted from Mambo (Mr. Ntema), the original dub-poetry version “Stay Focused” from "Issues of Faith Riddim" produced by Riddim Yut Productions (Bereket TafarI from the Republic of South Africa) and recorded @EQuematic Records (Eric EQue Maeba from the Republic of Botswana, Maun), July 2012

Listen/Download "STAY FOCUSED"


Ancient Songs of the Djembe (/ˈdʒɛm.bɛ/) Drum pt. 1

Ancient Songs of the Djembe (/ˈdʒɛm.bɛ/) Drum 
I was born in ancient times gone when songs;
Told a story long by the distant gone,
My roots are planted in the soils of West Africa;
Where songs of peace prevailed in historical gather,
I descend among the Bambara people in Mali;
I’m the most versatile drum—
That sounds in melody when the sun sets calm,
I transcend between the Malinké people;
As my voices roar in distant echoes of Africa,
I’m the cultures of many but one— O Mama Africa;
How tyrant your soothing sound had become?
But I was born in ancient times gone;
As hunters of deviant lions gathered in song at dawn,
And foot trekkers traveled long— in their song;
And their hands marveled to the rhythm of the drum beat,
My fingers dance crossed like warriors of humble dreams;
And echoes deep, to the edge of my palm and their fingertips,
I’m the son of the African sun to my blood stream;
And my hands clap in song as shakers dwell in winters deep,
I’m the tree of many roots to my colourful leaves;
Between the Bantu peoples further south to my knees,
I’m the great Induna, the silent drummer;
I’m the mystical sound from the natives along the Caprivi,
I’m the great river that snakes through the great Zambezi;
And I’m the great mountain that scatters in voices deep,
I travel many miles afar in songs to my peace;
And further too, many ears of many generations further, at ease,
I’m the ancient song of the bongo drum;
Like ancient songs of the djembe drum,
I’m the heart beat of the Congo arms;
My songs touch deeper to the nerves of an angry one,
My echo drums further to the edge of a hungry one;
And tongues wither as wings fly higher to the djembe drum!
I’m the unknown one between untold Psalms of the gone….


Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

Book: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry
2015, XLIBRIS Publishing UK

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Do not Escape Me O Dear Life (part 2)

Do not Escape Me O Dear Life (part 2)

And my song shall faded gone;
When the night comes…..
But my hearts talks at silent pass;
In arms of a child; and walks in tongues,
As life and death have become—
Too parallel than one of a kind,
And days shine too little to the darkest heart and eyes;
Without calm; as ages of metaphysical gone in faded smiles,
And minds of peoples have become too closer with Science…
But does religion define us when selfish ones had become?
Does life know our own? Or does, when silent gone?
Or does my song faded gone when the night comes?
Or does soul escape us in illicit palms?
Or broken as clouds faded in distant thunders?
And so long my person does,
Do not escape me in wanders…
Do not escape me O dear life!
Purify my heart, clean and pure— like colors;
Of the rainbow, dreams come true,
Like matters of the heart and all I knew,
Come to my heart let me stay with you,
Protect my soul under the sky so blue;
Shine your light, as I walk but through,
Shine my life, as I talk to you…


adapted from Mr. Ntema (Mambo de Poet)'s one-drop tune "STAY FOCUSED" (Riddim Yut Prod., RSA, and EQuematic Records, BW. July 2012)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Will I Find Her? (Will I Find Love? pt. 2)

Will I Find Her?

Trampled as they too become, and gone;
Humbled as they few become, and faded gone;
Struggled as the moon in cloudless calm;
Shackled as chains arm, and torn;
Troubled as pains harm, and pour;
Strangled as days come, and born;
Kraals do when a cattle runs,
Souls do when a battle erupts and denied gone;
But souls detached in silent but loudest fall;
Crawls do when little ones; grow,
Yawns are tallest paws of wildest droughts;
Wrongs are longest songs, but why do we bother?
Admit to be wrong, and accept my dear other;
For love is all near;
Where lovers dance and share—
To their bone, than sit apart when the day’s mild;
And the winter night longer,
As if the thunderstorms roamed the skies uneasily, bright!
And dark mornings swallowed their pride;
As lovers dance to the twilight of creation in kind,
But songs and talks are rarest clouds— as they gather,
Hence surround yours in silent thought further….
Longest talk deep I thought in questions—
Too many an answer;
And what if I were right? Will it matter?
What if she was right? What if she was gone?
Does it now matter? Does love set downhill afloat?
 In a sea of scrub woodlands; or need I find more?
Will I find her? Or need I look a little further?
What if I were wrong? Will it still matter?
Will I find her? Or should I miles further?
What if I find her? Will I dare leave? Or better;
Stay than look any more not further?
What if I stay alone? I've been so alone!
And love seems not worried by the dawn;
So why need I find her? Why doesn't she find me?
Why don’t we find each other? Or find us in a long dream…


Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
(MAMBO de Poet)

Book: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry
Year: 2015 (to be published February 2016)
Publisher: XLIBRIS Publishing (UK), Author House/ Author Solutions International

Poet's Note/ Theme:

This is a loner's narrative of 'longing' for love; a wishful lover. It denotes the complexities of love and unknown intimacies to which we find our selves trapped in between, and the extent to which such complex realities may hinder us to pursue 'love' again. The narrator's voice is sorrowful but hopeful, though doubtful. Therefore, if one needs pursue such love, they ought to find HER and share with. Who are we to escape such realities? We are human, after all.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Catch 'Mambo de Poet' Live in Session! 

Event: CARACAL UNTAMED - A Fundraiser to support the Wildlife and People of Botswana
When: Saturday, 05 July 2014 @14h00 til late
Where: CARACAL Biodiversity Centre and Snake Park, Kasane, BW

Entrance: BW P50 Adults, P20 Children under 16 and FREE for Children under 5


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For more info:
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Will I Find Love (pt. 1)

Will I Find Love?

Will I find love? Or does love seen?
Will I find her? Or should I miles further?
If I find love, let love wrap me around you;
In comfort arms of love,
Wrap you around me in arms of comfort love,
Grow me in seeds of fertile land;
Where love reigns for long,
Saw you in dreams of days long;
And my eyes leadeth where eagles dare soar,
But my heart knows that so long;
As I live, I’ll remember your touch,
I’ll rekindle my seed in fertile land;
I shall remain the farmer until rains gone,
And voice my concerns when I find love;
And voice my sentence in comfort love,
And concern my voice in sentence aloud;
When time prevails its cause like a silent cloud,
As butterflies in their tongues of love;
When toes of mine shall dance in song,
As winds have blown from the South to the North;
And heading to the East and the West and far beyond,
Too further and far beyond unknown and the known,
Will I find her? Or should I gone to the known?
Where love shall become a wing to a dove,
But pronouns and nouns have words of their own;
And strong ones and arms have strengths of their own,
In Soul Seeds I had written— that her name is love and the one;
That my heart and eyes have given, but in arms all gone as hidden…

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

Book: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry, 2015
Xlibris Publishing, UK
Author Solutions International

Purchase "SOUL SEEDS: Reality & Mental Inspiration poetry"

SOUL SEEDS: Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry
Soul Seeds explores elemental functions of thought, reasoning and reality. It analyzes life and how each of the seeds sustains or defeats the soul and the need for personal discipline and appreciation. The imagery gathers in one basket the different emotions that paint a closest matter of attention to the mind state and collectedness. It is a reflection of situations. Scattered thoughts are thrown into an imagery of life through a natural psycho-philosophical analysis.The book seeks to promote nature, culture, love, kindness, forgiveness and spiritual freedom. The tone of each word is natural and expressive, to give a creative setting of inference and engage the mind that matters or bothers to. The book testifies that written art is created from any life circumstance. 


Mambo de Poet is tasked to assemble a Team of dedicated young Spoken Wordists and dub-Poets, with a local Marketing, Communications and Promotions team to carry out various community and corporate projects such as ART FOR CHANGE alias DYSIS Graphy, SOUL SEEDS POETRY PROJECT; Chobe Inter-School Poetry Competition, Art Word (Transformative leadership program), Book Reading sessions, Sunset Poetry (for tourists in lodges etc), Mentoring, etc. The team shall also plan for the Book launch event tentatively October 2014 due to bureaucratic channels for sponsors and partners. 

The local team is currently housing Nobert Mathumo (Poet/Creative writer), Lucky M. Bulayani (Poet/ Creative writer), Theresa Gorvet (PCV - USA), Kristen Tate (PCV - USA), Prince Hyah (Graphics & Events Management), Trevor Marewa (Graphics), and still open for additions! 

About "Mambo de Poet"

auOnalethuso Buyile Petruss Ntema was born on February 27th, 1985, in Maun, Botswana, Africa. He hails from Matsaudi village in the Eastern side of Ngamiland, towards Shorobe and Chobe. He is the 6th from a family of seven, and a descendant of the Wayeyi lineage. The versatile dub-Poet and writer has interconnected nature with reasoning through spoken word. His rhetoric approach illustrates a personal self (efficacy, assertiveness, versatility and self identity to an analytic science of emotions and the mind.
 His daughter’s (Deczybelle Shiloh) inspiration has immensely crafted his art in poetry over the years and his cultured mother, Ndaruka Ntema is the yardstick to all talents he possesses.
He holds a BA (Sociology) from the University of Botswana. The multi-talented Mambo de Poet is a trained Applied Researcher and Entrepreneur with vast experience in Statistical Packages (for Social Sciences), Social and Community Development and Social Policing, Spatial Analysis, Land and related Tenure Rights, Environment and Natural Resources Conservation, Access and Sustainable Land Utilization, Population Dynamics/ Trends and Socio-Economic Development, Land Policing/Administration, Families and Households, Literature of Liberation, and African Social Thought. He is an arts and cultural activist, operating a Cultural tourism based business (African Art and Craft market/ centre) in Kasane, Botswana.
The outspoken Ntema has handwritten unpublished countless eBooks since 2010 with more than 500 inspirational poetry pieces. SOUL SEEDS: Reality and Mental inspiration poetry is his first internationally published anthology through XLIBRIS PUBLISHING (UK), and he is currently compiling the second anthology titled The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental inspiration poetry to be published in late 2015.