Thursday, 20 October 2016

Tswana Same: Poko Puo

Tswana Same: Poko Puo
Bitso lame ke bidiwa Mambo,
Monnatia ke tshwere sekano;
Ka dipina le maboko,
Ke duma jaaka Duma Boko;
Ke bua ke sena lekoko, ke tsholeditse mabogo,
Gake bate (tsone) diphoso, ke tshaba le (tsone) dimoko,
Tsothe tseo ke dinnoto, monna-tota hakena bosso,
Ke palamela dithaba tsa godimo ka maoto,
Ke galaletsa Rara (wa) magodimo ke obile maoto,
Ke aramela tsatsi le legolo, ke mogolo;
Ke seanamarena sa bagolo, ntwakgolo,
Mahoko a bagolo, ke dimpho tse di kgolo,
Gola ngwanaka o te o bone tse di kgolo,
Gola ngwanaka ke puo tsa bagolo,
Bagolo ba bogologolo tala,
Ba buile ba maloba ba re thako ya phala,
Ke letshwao la dikgomo tsa lesaka ke dikala;
Tsa mokgalo di a hala, ka mathare a matala,
Ke mmala wa sebilo mo-Afrika monnatia,
Ke tshwana le mmino wa makaba a bagaka;
Ke raletse sekaka sa Kgalagadi ke mogaka,
Ba lekile ga retela ka bogadi ba mabela,
Ke dikile ke relela ke dipadi ka mabela,
Ke molemi wa mahoko ka botaki nka tsenwa,
Ke molebi wa majako ka bopaki nka henya,
Ke mohenyi wa makwalo ka dibaki nka senya,
Ke motsei wa dipalo ke sena bo-mmati jaaka Mmammati;
A ko o mpelegele ngwana yo ke a lema, ke lema kele nosi,
Mothoka-ina wa ka jeko ke loma le dinotshi,
Ke rotoga Matsaudi ha gare ga dikhuti,
Ke pula ya maloba ke pula ya medupi,
Dibuka tsa maloba ke di bula ka seditsi,
Diphuka ke mebala ke lebelo jaaka pitse,
Ke dipitse ka mebala, ke di bone (ko) Bonwapitse,
Ke phomphokwe wa MoYeyi, kgantshwane sa boditse,
Ke tsoma ka segai, ka letoa le pampiri;
Ke kwala ka pelo le ditoro, mothaba-phiri,
Ke tau ya dikgwa batana se mariri,
Ke rora kgakajana le nkutwe ko mahuri,
Ke pora jaaka nnana kokolehutwe, ke kantini,
Ke bua ka majato ha ke bua tswana same,
Nkate kgarejwana ka lerato ata same...
Book: The Voice of a Shadow, 2017
a Setswana native praise poem. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Creativity, Culture and Tourism - the Journey

Having been advocating and practically being a Creativepreneur, since 2010 trying to have an ear of relevant authorities that 'Creativity, Culture and Tourism' were and or are alternative travel packages to diversify the nature-based tourism product. I have written articles and business proposals that have been somehow ambiguous to the naked eye yet ambitious to the blind man, applied for whatever grants and or loans there be but rejected and regarded a deviant Youth that only takes pride in Arts, Culture and Tourism. Even coined 'Creative Cultural Tourism' as a social business concept. Even coined 'Creativepreneurship' as a socio-cultural and creative travel and tourism industry(ies) and registered a multi-operational company in September 2012 after which I quit my 9 to 5 job in the civil society in December 2013, and opened an Art & Craft market for African art, craft and cultural artworks/products in Kasane. And a Cultural Safari travel agency; Chizo Travel & Tours which forms the backbone of our operations, and a live acoustics Folk-Jazz & Poetry band - Mambo & the Nature Voices, and authored my first self-Published poetry anthology "SOUL SEEDS" on February 27, 2014 through Xlibris Publishing UK. Also co-founded Chobe Alliance for Arts Organization (CAAO) in October 2015 for collective voice of the creative arts and culture, serving as its current Coordinator since May 1, 2016. Invited by Voelkerkunde Museum (Hamburg Germany) in November 2015 to attend 'Market of Nations' event. And a supporting act to Poetavango's Maun International Arts Festival in 2014 and 2015, and Sexaxa Community Development Trust through the upcoming SEXAXA CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. What a journey...One day the tourism shall smile for what I have sweat for in ages. Looking forward to attending the 'Tourism Cluster Development Training workshop' at the invitation of Botswana Tourism (BTO) early next week. oneBlood.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Being Human part 35

Being Human part 35
Certainly I am certain that definitely I am human,
For humans are normally 
And naturally
Considered a person
When persons of man betray their souls behind curtains,
But definitely I am human and unfortunately I am human,
I have been human and amicably I am a truant,
A poetic serenade that serenades through echoes of the prudent,
A duet, for commoners become conscious minded like students
Of a sacred lesson, abducted, yet rejected ones in shanty towns resided
Their daily lives with hopeful eyes to the hand of the cruel
When the little they gathered would suddenly disappear
In pockets of the few hands of their master, for truants
Are usually regarded forsaken
Beings in patterns of their own kind like humans,
Certainly I am certain that definitely I am human,
Actually I was seven when servants
Surround their masters to begin their long walk to freedom,
And freedom 
Is attained by will-power when misty days of their struggle
Faded in thunder balls like states of matter. 
Ancestral instincts had frowned
In heavens drowned when servants 
Crowned their persons 
From the battle field as though war had finally settled
And buried under cold winter feet in days of windy dusty
Skies before eyes of a human,
For swallows would soon soar when bird calls of eagles had sadly
Returned with empty hands from the wilderness, 
But definitely I am human and unfortunately I am human,
I was alone in the wilderness of thought to provoke my human
Being, my conscience; for conscious ones promote social values
And customs with a notion of peace and comfort 
In the heart of a human soul. I was eleven
When I lost my strength
To the teeth of a stranger. A paw of a lion
And tiger. The power of life between the after shadow, the statutes
In the law of nature. I died before the day I would die, gratitude
Is my only friend when days conceive their strange essence,
And strangers tend to be human like humans...
And traitors bend the rules for dictators and navigators
Of the new world order, yet they often betray their human 
Other when seasons fall on their shoulder. I was kind but cruel
To be the human I perceived but envied the inner man
Beneath these bones of my skin.
Certainly I am certain that definitely I am human,
And I believe (that) the price of peace is just as dreams of a poor person,
An orphan, deserted in desert winds like birds
Flying away with broken wings. It is unfortunate
To forget the unknown, the sad realities when joy surrounds
The heart of a loner, for life is just as clouded as human,
An extraordinary human that which no scale would measure
But seeking knowledge.
Definitely I am certain that unfortunately I am human.

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry

Being Human is a series of poems but characters of a human in its complex nature. The poetic word play implies a broad thinking reader; the reader that speak as they read through each line but inside their heart where greatness of the mind takes precedence. It holds no measure to be human. And tragedies test our nature; human nature, as so would good. We are just human. And being human is what you become as a human being. 
Ntema (Black) Mambo (Heritage)! Mutsharaa!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Voice of a Shadow (I am the)

...I am the voice of a shadow,
The word that echoes in silent whispers of the dark night,
The circumstance. I’m the drifter, the voice beyond shadows
Of an innocent face. I’m the shadow,
For images of little beings in villages have become characters
In my dream like a vulnerable king of a defeated tribe
When tribal wars ravaged their soils a while ago,
 For time tells in its own word when rainbow shadows
Seduce our mental kind before sunrise.
But we rise to fall when fallen.
For every human has a shadow, a voice.
And I am that shadow;
The voice of a shadow that speaks its mind
When eyes
Of nature honoured Mother Nature's kindness with open arms.
I’m the voice to a shadow, the song, the poem,
The word beneath soils of the Kalahari.
For I am human;
And being human is just as human as a new day,
When shadows fall for the day unknown,
I ‘m the shadow…..

©Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and Mental inspiration poetry anthology, 2017

Poem Title: The Voice of a Shadow ( I am)
Video promo Directed & edited by Masule Kachana – DeBoo Photography & Video productions.
Video published by John E O’Hara – Poetry E Train Africa (USA)
Supported by Ilanga Tours Kasane, Botswana.
Credit to Chobe Alliance for Arts Organization (CAAO), Kasane
Label: Mambo & the Nature Voices folk-jazz & poetry live band
Commissioned by OPN Group of Companies (PTY) LTD
Sponsored by Chizo Travel & Tours, African Arts & Crafts

Video promo links:  Poetry Train MamboNtema poem 2016 YouTube
Audio link: The Voice of a Shadow poem audio 

SOUL SEEDS Poetry anthology (2014) links: Amazon 

SOUL SEEDS Poetry anthology 
As titled, "Soul Seeds" (2014) explores elemental functions of thought, reasoning and reality. It analyzes life and how each of the seeds sustains or defeats the soul and the need for personal discipline and appreciation. The imagery gathers in one basket the different emotions that paint a closest matter of attention to the mind state and collectedness. It is a reflection of situations. Scattered thoughts are thrown into an imagery of life through a natural psycho-philosophical analysis. The book seeks to promote nature, culture, love, kindness, forgiveness and spiritual freedom. The tone of each word is natural and expressive, to give a creative setting of inference and engage the mind that matters or bothers to. The book testifies that written art is created from any life circumstance.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Journey of the Past - Part 1

It was a journey of the past
From which I was blinded apart
By the shackles of love and trust,
I had been squeezed into dusty ashes but dust
In a little corner of the circle, for the final cut
I was told had reached its rhetoric touch,
But little did I know yet the Senator was such
A persistent peasant for the protestant class,
I was just not kind enough to rebuke the past,
For warriors
Had walked naked without
Mercy to the victim. I had become
A silent murderer, a rebellious one,
A notorious kind yet serene but a broken heart,
And I now recognize that every man bears his burden in arms
Of a fallen hero. The horn
Had trumpeted from afar,
For when a wise man points to the full moon,
The fool
At the finger… but when the night comes,
Dreamers surround their purpose than social class,
They value their dreams before the new day, 
For the moment of understanding demands
A mind and thought so deeply thought before done,
It is the nature of circumstance, an inferential one,
It usually strikes before known or felt,
It becomes
A habit to the thinker – the seeker.
It is a human requisite…

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality & Mental inspiration poetry anthology, 2017
“And I now cognize that every man
Bears his burden in arms
Of a fallen hero. The horn
Had trumpeted from afar,
For when a wise man points to the full moon,
The fool
At the finger… but when the night comes,
Dreamers surround their purpose…”

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

As Thicker is Blood than Water

I’ve come to destroy and assassinate the heart of a bounty hunter,
As thicker is blood than water,
I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate the past of my wanted other,
My haunted other, for human nature is as twice as human than nature,
But I still remind you of why I am still here with you, I am a fighter,
The liberator of the mind, the minded, the blinded, the stranded,

The stranger’s forsaken child from whence I was unwanted,
As drunken masters of art adopted me like lion hunters hunted,
I am a deviant, a servant of art but generations before me,
I am an out-lander, for extra-terrestrial minds have come before me,
Done and said before me, born and died before me,
But the unknown is yet to come, for tomorrow holds the unknown;

Like rebels in the army of terror and fear among-st the Protestants,
For objection of the master is a crime before the eyes of an autocrat,
For totalitarians have a tendency of being insecure when contestants
In the opposite demand their cessation. I’ve been disappointed
By the level of ignorance in the minds of the servant;
Who takes pride in being their master’s brethren…

When broken hearts conform to the other, I am still a brother
But I wonder how hard is it to be gifted, drifted, hidden,
For time is just a mere sense of a circumstance,
But relevance is just as senseless as relevant
When elements of life are ignored by the living person, the human,
Don’t you celebrate when your child makes you proud as a parent?

Don’t you? Don’t you appreciate the human you are as a human?
Do you ever acknowledge the talent
You have been given?
The art between you and the person
In you, don’t you?  If I were you, I’d forget
The day before I met an outsider, for insiders tend to behave like humans…

Yet the very human they are continues to run in parallel
Lanes but floated,
Marooned, rebuked like an unusual baboon, confused and red handed,
As thicker is blood than water, for days come in their pattern,
And I’d rather stay at the countryside with the herd men,

And learn from their person, for life is better than manipulation.
I’d run free from such persons that desire the human I am,
But I’ll stay at peace with them; I am just a free man, a simple man,
That is the human I am. What human are you dear other?
For blood is thicker than water,
But time is not a just a matter of a concern when nature rebels against humans.

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo Ntema
©2017,  copyright protected, Onalethuso Ntema.

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Tel: 00267 73896477 
Mobile: 00267 72660907
Chizo Travel & Tours, African Arts & Crafts, ilangaTours 
Chobe Alliance for Arts Organization (CAAO)

Saturday, 16 April 2016

If Wishes...

If Wishes...

Why do wishes have wings they fly?
You know, I wish time had legs; for I’d crawl in silent times,
And I wish time could prevail for us to sail away in oceans deeper;
See, in deepest oceans of thought without seen,
For I'd hide in cages of thought like a silent child…
I wish nations could become one, for the Creator is one in us all;
But dozens in isolated land of their kind,
I wish God was a child;
For I'd learn to lean on shoulders of tallest trees between the wild,
And urge in bridges of theological means without religion...
I wish I was a mirror, and if wishes were mirrors;
I wish mirrors could reflect our tracks in days of our lives,
As wishes have wishes;
I wish shadows had voices…
Too; for I’d talk in shadows like songs of a dreamer,
And voice out loudly the hidden crumbles of our daily bread thicker;
But I fumble to mumble the hidden struggles deeper,
I wish letters could begin with matters of the heart deeper;
But I wonder what the Creator of such letters wondered…
When letters do not really make any sense besides a sentence,
I wish I was a student of metaphysical times,
I wish I had known their cynical minds;
Of Science and Philosophical kinds…
But I really wish I had dreams to be told to ears of the blind,
I wish I had hands of a liberator;
For I'd raise my arms in skies of darkest shine…
I wish I was a teacher, for I'd teach in chronological kind;
Than ethnological lapse, I wish I was a preacher,
For I'd preach in pieces than pictures of preachers;
In windows of every moving piece(s),
I'd pick up the pieces of every broken heart;
Than swallow their pride like creatures of alien ages,
If wishes were tiny particles, I’d blow them to the cages;
Of easterly nations where action speaks louder than spoken words,
If wishes were clauses, I'd amend the law of nature;
By upholding the essence of life and its cause, I'd surrender…
All books of history to the furnace and rewrite in tongues of dozen letters.


Co-written by Onalethuso Petruss B.M Ntema and Khonzani Nhlalo Zambwe (Botswana)

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema - author of SOUL SEEDS: Reality & Mental inspiration poetry anthology (Xlibris Publishing, UK - 2014)
The Voice of a Shadow, 2017
©2015 Copyright protected. 

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Bojosi Sabure Mambo straight! lepako

Bojosi Jojo Ditshwele Wow Mambo, i wish..!!!

Dandy Dour "I wish nations could become one, for the Creator is one in us all"

Mikel Kesto i wish emotions and inspirations could be transplanted, for him to transplant one to me so that one day l can bring words in orders like him 'if wishes' one day is one day, oneblood my king

Mambo Ntema Jojo oneBlood king

Khonzani Nhlalo Zee oneblood..

Mambo Ntema Wordsworth yes Sir, what more or less dear brother... Mikel you surely will my oneBlood.

Mambo Ntema bless up oneBlood Khonzani

Moemedi Tebogo  ..if wishes were flowers i would wish for a garden of them without thorn,i would wish to live inside my mind and do as i wish and live every moment without fear of my surrounding's eye.if wishes had ears i would tell mine to walk in reality as everyday breaks the silent whispers of the night.I wish pages could allow my pen to bleed not tears on them as i wear my heart on my sleeve and shout to the mountains to tell the world that poetry is my soul mate.i wish leaves could hear my cry when i say i want a bohemian existence to live on stages,my tongue only knowing metaphors and idioms.if wishes were eagles mine would eye the heavens and dance with the angels...great read my king,Jah bless

Mambo Ntema Moemedi You see, writers write like gifted sculptors with patient hands, and truly you just lead me to part 2. As though you knew I had wanted some sort. oneBlood king, Taah for the read and comment.

Masule DeBoo Kachana Inspiring young minds sir,,,brings ease to the mind..

Mambo Ntema Sowing seeds for a Creative future my king...oneBlood

Jeraal M Mrewa Great minds

Kedi Mosadi Pelontle-Matthews Great Mambo, you are talented

Mambo Ntema oneBlood botsadi

Theresa Govert If wishes were clauses, I'd amend the law of nature; By upholding the essence of life and its cause, I'd surrender… All books of history to the furnace and rewrite in tongues of dozen letters. what a powerful ending, thank you

Mambo Ntema Most welcome Seed. Wishes have wings they fly as high as wishes do. Will-power does, and dig matters past. But wishes bury impossibilities. Wishes marry their color without rainbow colors. oneBlood

Thato Ramakoba Deep stuff De Mambo. Am more than impressed!

Mambo Ntema oneBlood

Monica Munashe Rupazo phenomenal.

Mambo Ntema Theresa And I believe that nothing supersedes Creativity, besides reaction and pro-action. So long as said or done, it must be written or none, or will end in isolated oceans deep but calm. Its a complex one. Donna But the merit of such in our daily lives is the ability to walk upright and declare our voices with the inner person(s) to the Creative thinking world of creative writings and artistic melodies of life in its quadri-mental essence. And so are wishes, and so if wishes were... Thank you Munashe RupazoRamakoba Mrewa Kedirebofe Pelontle and Kachana, it is like scattering seeds on a seed-nature to nurture more trees and leaves for the air we breathe and our feed green.

Boineelo Andy Nyukulane If wishes were wishes,how i wish this wisheth

Great piece wordsmiths

Emeldah Emex Kamberuka Matlhape Wow beautiful stuff

Mambo Ntema bless up, oneBlood

Mambo Ntema bless up, oneBlood

Donald Munyaradzi Kuutsi Did u received my verse

Dzikamayi Chando I am a beggar who chooses creativity. The poem shines of creativity, The minds of the creators have sun, moon and stars in words.

Monica Munashe Rupazo Gratitude, my all ever desired accomplice moreover escort for humility. I am humbled by thine prudence. Aluta...

Mambo Ntema Munyaradzi Yes king, this verse is deep and sensible. I like it. Had to read it over and over. its super. How I wish the world of Creative ones could over-shadow its alien kind and captivate us more with spoken and written word(s) Dzikamayi Munashe Rupazo, oneBlood.

Mambo Ntema Humbled.

Khonzani Nhlalo Zee Nyc piece...

Mambo Ntema It is a piece to read at ease, just an extraordinary poem it is. oneBlood

Mambo Ntema Reminding me of the days when writing was more than just written but expressed in such sentence constructs. The semantic word play and imagery were matters of not so much concern but the effect, the message behind the word written in spoken kind. I am reminded of the writer's poet phonology! oneBlood
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