Thursday, 28 May 2015

'To Live, To Die'

“To live is to behold the gift of creation. To speak is to unfold the journey of our thoughts. To seek is to find our own path in real and consciousness. To discover. To sow seeds to our souls. To be inspired. To write. To inspire. To empower. To reason. To die…” – Buyile Petrus Onalethuso Ntema, 2015 
Quote from 'To Live, to Die' poem

"....let the melodies of the songbirds be heard between our ear flaps, to the ear drums of the drum beat. Let life spread its wings beyond the unknown. Let miles measured in distance but near like monwana le lenala, let life surround in quintessential paths to the heights of our demise. Let our bodies finally return to the hands of their Creator; and transcend to the Superman in dust and ashes, but our souls-- let them bury the one and seek for the future, for today is known. Let us keep writing the creative kind, to inspire and exchange in poetic tongues. Let the African in us speak louder in trumpets of the untold like servants in corn fields afield, for our sweat is a destiny. What does it take to render us sensible when reality unfolds? Bury our faces, or cherish them? And die coldly but smilingly when the night comes before day shine..." extract from stanza 1 'To Live, to Die' poem

Poetry anthology: The Voice of a Shadow (2016) by OPB Ntema (Botswana)

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