Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sacred Days

Sacred Days - part I

Yesterday is the day gone, 
And tomorrow is yet to come; 
For today is the day known.
As days have the passage of time they fade, 
But memories kept within our hearts paint; 
A story enough for us to tell, 
Days have the passage of time they fade, 
And prevail to be laid to rest as they shine, 
They guide their shadow to the night; 
Between today and ages more, they shine…
They shine like stars between dark clouds, they shine, 
As miles walk their distance when time; 
For their end commit their kind…
To be dark or shine, 
They smile; 
Beneath their shades, they fade, 
They paint; 
A memory of their time, 
In tongues of spoken words between each line, 
Our purpose is to live and die; 
When the time…
Comes than try; 
Deceive and defeat our purpose, and the mind…
Listens to what the heart says and does like; 
Patterns of colourful wings of a rainbow shadow, 
And behold their eyes; 
Beyond dark clouds and stars bright, 
To live is to behold the gift of creation, 
To speak is to unfold the journey of our thoughts; 
For our thoughts to unfold in (un) told phrases, 
To seek is to find our own path in real and consciousness, 
To discover. To sow seeds to our souls, 
To be inspired. To write. To inspire, 
To empower. To reason. To die...

©Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema, 2016 


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