Monday, 14 September 2015

My Musical Life Journey: a Reflection

Last week when I was in Maun for an urgent social commitment, I had to squeeze my schedule to quench my lyrical thirst and voiced a shiYeyi inspired Folk-Reggae tune "NDi MUTSHARA" that seeks to leverage on intangible cultural heritage, nature and wildlife, and socio-economic lifestyles. 
I must say, life is just a journey. As I reflect on my "Musical Journey" from early days as a Traditional/ Cultural Dancer from Mathiba Primary School (1993) until 2002 when I got intensively mesmerize by the Reggae vibe at Sedie CJSS. I was inspired by a certain Tina Sundano, whose 4-string Acoustic guitar oozed melodies that elevated me to write my first song "Sweet Day" which I then performed everywhere I went, and people appreciated my raw-yet-pure lion's voice and urged me to not look back, never. I was an authentic Tenor vocalist in School choirs and at Revelation Blessed Peace Church; my mother's fellowship. And I would also accompany my sister to the Healing Church, my brother to the Holy Heart Christian Church and my lead voice mattered.

In 2003, whilst at Maun Secondary School, I met Dikoranta (aka Rasta Weed), and Yuteman OT. We formed the school band - The BARKING GECKO, managed by the late Anthony John Berry (UK) who was a Teacher at MSSS at the time. The English man was a legendary Guitarist and we'd share a musical vibe each time I visited his house at the Teachers quarters. He then decided to 'unearth' our rare talent and the school band released a 10-track Reggae CD "AFRICAN CHILD" produced by a Zambian music maestro NJOLO and EQue Maeba of TUFF ENUFF studio in Maun.

The ensemble disbanded after Form 5 as we had to embark on life's uncertainties. I then met two Zimbos (Norrycea and Daizzy Dee) whilst with one of my young minds Kabo Pro-vocative aka Skinny and started raw recordings at Unangoni Osg Samakata's crib, I recorded "AFRICA" with NorryC & Skinny in Maun.

In 2005,teamed up with a longtime friend Bajah Rankswhilst studying at the University of Botswana and released a 14-track Dancehall CD "WANTED" in 2008, produced by Eemcee Keal of Keal Entertainment, Norrycea 'Subzero' Chisadza of Ravel Tribe (Zimbabwe) and Nio Kb Molapisi of NiO-Geniq Records. WANTED featured HT Tautona, KiDD andAnkle Bryce, received a lot of support and was a regular at Yarona fm's RAGGA ATTACK VIRUS Show on Sundays (hosted by Junior Psy) and the duo performed at most of the shows at UB and around the country. It was a promising rocket, and featured on the All Kasi "For Makasi" mixtape in 2008.

However, I must say, life is just a journey. In 2009, the duo went solo and I have recorded more than 50 songs still to be released ever since, and continues to. I have voiced jingles for RB1, Yarona fm (T-Izzy's), and MaxxY Pin/ Charles (Kenya), DJ PainKiller(Zimbabwe), DJ Keamz (Zimbabwe), Selektar King Rebel (Kenya), DJ Priscy/Priscilla (Ireland), DJDubplate and more.
I have also featured on various international Reggae-Dancehall rhythms by various diverse producers Bereket Tafari/Riddim Yut (South Africa), Zimi (Paris Reunion), Bionic Records (Switzerland), Stefano Andriolo/Augusta Massive (Italy), Major Lazer (Jamaica), Artikal Ranks (Zimbabwe), Tommy Waddington (UK), Dj-Oats (BW), BK Proctor (BW), Dominiq Madindo (Zimbabwe), TakuJay (BW), Prnc Hyah (BW) and more.

I have worked with local artists Kelebogile Ht-Tautona Mabua, Ankle Bryce, KiDD, -D-funk Charles, Dancehall Queens, The Roots: Hambukushu ensemble, Baby Game, Chillyman, Twingih Twangah and more.

I hope to release a solo masterpiece "The JOURNEY" one of the good moments.

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