Sunday, 28 February 2016

When Soils Dust Away

When soils dust away at sudden winds
My forehead begins
To frown as though I had just born
Like a silent soul,
But even perpetual winds of thunder storms calm
At some point in their windy day, rain (would rarely) come...

As drought had left us barren, eroded, haunted, hunted
And made us broken yet provoked word spoken;
As though we'd fallen. I had decided to remain behind
The woods when masses moved in ox-wagons and sledges,
For time had descended before us, but kind enough when pledges
Announced beneath us had long seduced our hearts...

With phrases and promised to be haven when soils dust away
Our fears, our tears and venomous voices that echoed in past to days
Of our eyes dry. Science had forsaken us vulnerable
And gullible to explain matters beyond human knowledge, honourable
Words and verbs of forbidden tales had tails between their tongues
As palms of the old were taken away and enslaved but betrayed as arms...

Of a prison warden. Their garden was planted by wanted men and women
At the wrath of the law. But we'd known if life was just a mere but truant
Being. As the wind blows away my hopes for tomorrow, I'd hope
For a better day when soils dust away my face drowned in soul.
Let alone trees and leaves as they please their human to breathe at ease
Without this swollen lips but words in a dozen wish...

The Voice of a Shadow, 2017
Onalethuso PBM Ntema

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