Sunday, 20 March 2016

Word & Sound part 2

Word and Sound part 2
The day was dying for the full moon by the woods
As women gathered their daughters to collect firewood
In the nearby forest before dawn. Word was with them
As their loudest voices echoed from the wilderness, hidden
Treasures revealed before the eyes of the youngest generation,
For the day had come to end its journey. Great songs of great men
And women untold their mystical revelation. The night had fallen
Behind its shadows, and grandmothers sat around as word was spoken
In native tongues to the future, for golden days had gone, the unknown had come,
The unforeseen is yet to unfold its wings before the new day is born.
Abstract realities expressed in the musical undertones like taboos – our norms
Have faded in foreign like forbidden souls of the broken hearted. Shadows have gone
Behind cross corners, the little corners of a circle beneath the human in us,
For word is sound, good sound, spoken word, ancient word, modern word, teach us
The word in you O word of the genesis of human,
Because I am human. And I wish word was human…

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo Ntema

The Voice of a Shadow, 2017

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