Wednesday, 20 April 2016

As Thicker is Blood than Water

I’ve come to destroy and assassinate the heart of a bounty hunter,
As thicker is blood than water,
I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate the past of my wanted other,
My haunted other, for human nature is as twice as human than nature,
But I still remind you of why I am still here with you, I am a fighter,
The liberator of the mind, the minded, the blinded, the stranded,

The stranger’s forsaken child from whence I was unwanted,
As drunken masters of art adopted me like lion hunters hunted,
I am a deviant, a servant of art but generations before me,
I am an out-lander, for extra-terrestrial minds have come before me,
Done and said before me, born and died before me,
But the unknown is yet to come, for tomorrow holds the unknown;

Like rebels in the army of terror and fear among-st the Protestants,
For objection of the master is a crime before the eyes of an autocrat,
For totalitarians have a tendency of being insecure when contestants
In the opposite demand their cessation. I’ve been disappointed
By the level of ignorance in the minds of the servant;
Who takes pride in being their master’s brethren…

When broken hearts conform to the other, I am still a brother
But I wonder how hard is it to be gifted, drifted, hidden,
For time is just a mere sense of a circumstance,
But relevance is just as senseless as relevant
When elements of life are ignored by the living person, the human,
Don’t you celebrate when your child makes you proud as a parent?

Don’t you? Don’t you appreciate the human you are as a human?
Do you ever acknowledge the talent
You have been given?
The art between you and the person
In you, don’t you?  If I were you, I’d forget
The day before I met an outsider, for insiders tend to behave like humans…

Yet the very human they are continues to run in parallel
Lanes but floated,
Marooned, rebuked like an unusual baboon, confused and red handed,
As thicker is blood than water, for days come in their pattern,
And I’d rather stay at the countryside with the herd men,

And learn from their person, for life is better than manipulation.
I’d run free from such persons that desire the human I am,
But I’ll stay at peace with them; I am just a free man, a simple man,
That is the human I am. What human are you dear other?
For blood is thicker than water,
But time is not a just a matter of a concern when nature rebels against humans.

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo Ntema
©2017,  copyright protected, Onalethuso Ntema.

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