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Camping Equipment HIRE in Kasane

Camping is a fantastic family, retreat or adventurer's activity. At OPN Group of Companies, from adventure tents to stretchers and bedrolls, bush shower/toilet to cutlery box, gazebo, tables, camp chairs, and grill, we have the best equipment to meet your camping needs. If you can't find what you want then let us know and we'll get it for you. We are based in Kasane next to the Chobe National Park wildlife bio-diversity, gateway to the Okavango delta, communities culture and arts, and where four countries meet; Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.


We offer exceptional and tourist-oriented Camping Equipment Hire services in Kasane.

KEY CLIENTS for the Camping Equipment Hire services

Our key clients are:
·         Mobile Camping Safari operators [tour operators]
·         Individuals [walk-ins] | Self-drives | Couch Surfers | Filming crews
·         Backpackers | Student Researchers | Independent Researchers
·         Domestic travelers | Retreats & Team Building excursion groups | Corporate etc. 



Our FULL range and variety of Camping Equipment and other accessories available for Hire.

We have 3m x3m canvas Adventure/Bow tents with ample ventilation for two people, folding washing basin and stand, folding tables and lanterns for the mobile kitchen [chef] and dinner, Bush Shower and Toilet enclosure [guy ropes] with zip entrance, Grill for outdoor cooking, Gazebo for shade.
A folding canvas camping stretcher to make your nights more comfortable, especially when paired with our padded foam mattresses; 3-division fold-up, or roll-up high-density foam camping mattress. Very comfortable for floor sleeping. Recommended for use in our adventure Bow tents.
Head lamps for ease of movement at camp at night, camp chairs for an evening circle, cooler box for refreshments and cutlery box for cutlery and cooking pots. PLUS axe, spade and hammer.

 Epitomize your Botswana safari experience with the best and quality camping equipment from our wide range, to create a convenient and memorable African camping experience.

 Our camping equipment hire rates are competitively affordable, tailored and ideal for the vast bush and wildlife diversity.
 Camping Equipment is available for HIRE on first come first get basis and bookings should be secured and confirmed to avoid inconveniences. 
Also, you can connect through us for Boat Cruise, Game Drive, Victoria Falls Day trip, Mobile Camping safaris, Cultural tours.

for Bookings, inquiries, Packages and FAQs, Contact Us

OPN Group of Companies (Pty) LTD
President avenue next to Information services, Kasane township.
Tel or whatsapp: +267 72660907 | +267 75030112

“I am very excited to have been part of the camping team, quite an experience in nature’s abundant diversity.” – O’Hagan Kaleigh, England.

OPN Group of Companies is a Botswana citizen owned sole proprietorship. A multi-sectorial social business model encompassing African Arts & Crafts open market stall for Tour de Kasane or Cultural tours, Camping Equipment Hire services for mobile camping safari operators, self-drives, travel group, student researchers, couch surfers, individuals, Cleaning services, Travel and tours agency. 
The Director – Mr. Onalethuso Petrus Buyile Mambo Ntema is an international Writer & author of Soul Seeds: Reality and Mental inspiration poetry anthology [2014, Xlibris Publishing, UK], Native Drummer, Poet and Storyteller, Folk-Jazz musician, Sociologist, Para-legal and Land Rights specialist, Environmental Conservationist, Concept Developer, Anthropologist, Philanthropist and Applied Researcher. Mambo Ntema is a multi-lingual traveler, having been to Germany, France, England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia since 2006 and continues to connect with the world through Creative Cultural Tourism packages and activities. With over 5 years as a self-employed Social Entrepreneur. 

Gofaone 'One' Muyoba is the Operations and Administration Manager, as an experienced travel and tours consultant and administrator, an operations manager from mobile camping safari to office administration for over 11 years, with keen interest in birding and predators [leopard, elephant, and lion]. 

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