Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Being Human (Part 15)

But our eyes have captured memories between;
Because we're human, and I know I am human from within,
And as though time could speak its mind,
The day would stay beneath our eyes,
And fade into sunset rays of blurring colors,
For the night would come, our eyes;
Would close for yet another time...
But the person between today and tomorrow;
Knows their desire,
They have emotions too, passions and wishes,
Their arms' entire;
Skin is covered beneath their souls to inspire,
For their word they utter,
Their works they matter,
And tongues would speak of their time together,
Their time shall cease to exist when their bodies decay,
For time can delay;
Their shield just for yet another day...
They're human,
And being human is as trees and flowers; they pale,
They shade, they paint in brushes of creative hands,
They beg for tomorrow, they seek the shadow before the day ends,
They dry before winter days calm, but words;
Have tongues of a human,
Animals talk in their own, but humans deny their known,
As though time could speak its mind before gone...

- Being Human (Part 15) extract by Buyile Petrus Onalethuso Ntema
Published by Mambo Music & Poetry as a promo piece.
— reading The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality & Mental inspiration poetry, 2016


  1. BEING HUMAN is a chapter of 25 parts within the next book product by Onalethuso PBM Ntema. It sums up a human, it explores human traits beyond imagination, it compares and compels human circumstances to those of nature and its other inhabitants.

  2. Lucky M. Bulayani: Keep the fire ablaze brother! smile emoticon
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    Mmakgosi Anita Tau: I felt that. Those emotions- the day I opened your anthology I couldn't decide which poem was my favorite. Because they all spoke to me. They all said something I could not ignore. They taught me and took me to moments I never experienced. Keep on big bro
    12 hrs · Like · 1

    Ortega Ras Mahindra Mahindi: mambo de Poet again, big up Fumu fi real yuh go big big Lion.
    9 hrs · Like · 1

    Mambo De Poet Ntema: Thank you so much O creative ones. I am humbled. Yes my brethren Lucky M. Bulayani, the fire cant cool, for it is a spiritual fire, a spoken kind, a written one, the likes (of) which cant compare. We ought write. Mmakgosi Anita Tau, I am touched by such gestures and feedback. You're right, I realized after its official release that SOUL SEEDS is just a rock-stone, a magnet, a mountain, a fountain of thinking, a lesson to learn, a story to tell, a moment to reckon (with), a mammoth task in my entire life that I had embarked on, a creative life journey, a simple one, for simplicity knows best to overcome. And so, I keep writing and I try as much to capture the very thought between my eyes and mind. Thank you Poetess. oneBlood
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    Mambo De Poet Ntema: Yes I king Mahindi, I give ises brethren. Means a lot.