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Journey to Germany: SOUL SEEDS Craft & Poetry Cafe

Journey to Germany: SOUL SEEDS Craft & Poetry Cafe

It was on June 11, 2015 when I received a letter of Invitation from Voelkerkunde Museum Hamburg Germany to attend the Markt der Völker slated for November 11-15, 2015. 

I had to device a fundraising model for the trip and it was not an easy one because art is loosely regarded yet appreciated in our country. I had to approach government institutions and organizations relevant and conversant with Art, Culture and Tourism but the bureaucracy took long for the responses and had to work a mile further. It was a journey, and still is. I also approached the business community in Kasane, Maun and around Botswana in request for funding but it rendered such efforts futile until I had to utilize the business networks I have to source a portion of the requisite funding as justification for visa application and related procedures thereon.  I finally received a quarter of the budget from Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture in October and some contributions in-kind from Maun and Kasane resident-businesses. Also my former Headmaster Mr. David Tregilgies handed his support in. 

Art indeed needs a Trust fund, or a(n) National Arts Council, mean time, we need to strengthen initiatives such as Chobe Alliance for Arts Organization(CAAO) in cognizance with Botswana Society for the Arts with National Union for Botswana Artists to collectively lobby and or create artistic platforms for arts excellence beyond just the Botswana borders, to fly away far into distant worlds afar, to gather and share the creative seeds for a better world. Art for Change it is.

However, I have managed to fulfill all the legalities and procedures for my travel and I am just resting, waiting to catch the flight from Gaborone to OR Tambo (RSA) on Sunday, arrival in Hamburg on Monday morning November 9, 2015.

My slots on the programme:
- Thursday 12 November, 2015 @19h00: Presentation on Botswana Cultural Diversity through Creative Tourism
- Sunday 15 November, 2015 @16h00: SOUL SEEDS Poetry Reading session

Find me at Stall No 1.

Market of the People

Dialog between cultures is the main focus of the Market of the Peoples. About 70 craftspeople, traders and specialty-dealers acquaint visitors with craft products from all over the world. 
On one hand, the market is a platform for many different traditional crafts threatened or disappearing as a result of modernisation. The market is also a forum for new trends in the field of these crafts. Some examples include the creation of recycled products using tin cans or telephone wire. Countries from which exhibitors have come in the past include Portugal, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Indonesia, China, Japan, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, South Africa, Canada, Argentina and Guatemala.

The world of handmade crafts is changing constantly. The Museum für Völkerkunde follows this process and provides the opportunity for visitors to experience these exciting changes directly. In the Market of the Peoples, manufacturing techniques are put on display in live performances, through film and other media. We value fair trade highly; we find it important that local economies, small family businesses and other projects are purposefully supported. Through this market, the museum also aims to directly support different craftspeople.
The exhibitors are selected according to the quality of their goods and especially by their interest in the dialog with the museum’s visitors. The exhibitors are almost always experts of their cultural regions and the representatives of aid organisations are always interested in explaining the work of their groups.

The Market of the Peoples is also known for its diverse cultural programme. Musicians, singers and folklore groups give performances; for children there is make-up, crafts, painting and a story-telling workshop. The Market is a festival for the whole family. 

Since 2008, each Market of the Peoples has had its own focus. This focus determines the selection of exhibitors and the organisation of the cultural programme. In 2008, the topic was India; in 2009, it was the Indians of North America; in 2010 the topic was Latin America. And 2011 the topic was the Orient.

The Museum's Mission Statement:

We respect all other cultures. We require respect for all other cultures.
Ours is a lively museum, which appeals to all five senses.
We provide a forum for cooperative exchange between people of all cultures.
As a world cultural archive, we collect, preserve and display evidence of all cultures for the purpose of making those cultures accessible.
Our high-quality and unique artefacts make up the indispensable foundation for our entire work.
We provide scientifically substantiated, comprehensible information, which takes into consideration the self-image and unique perspective of each culture.
Our appealing, high-quality and diverse exhibitions and events address many diverse target audiences.
We feel obligated to ensure that our activities remain relevant to and address actual, current issues.
The utilization and development of our resources are important parts of our work.
It is our priority that our visitors feel welcome and have a satisfying experience in the museum.

I thank Martina Postelt for the courage and networking in support of my creative path.

I intend a Welcome Back Cultural night once back from Germany to thank you all. Keep your eye on the details...

Thanks to:
- my empress Etsuko Nagayama (Japan)
- Martina Postelt
- Nobert Mathumo (Botswana)
- Ilanga Tours & Safaris (Kasane, BW)
- Chris Durand Woba Kele (Reunion Island)
- Poetavango Spoken word collective (Maun, BW)
- Mambo Ntema Fundraising team
- MYSC, BTO, German Embassy
- Clario Travel (Kasane, BW)

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