Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Week that was the Maun International Arts Festival 2015 - Khutsie Kasale - Afrika Bohemian

Khutsie Kasale, you just know the grammatical nature of being between the Arts and Nature’s mouthpieces. And Maun International Arts Festival feature on Tribe53 is such testimony of how powerful the Uhuru in you is. I had to nail the artistic call and journeyed further to Europe and now back in the African desert soils. But I keep messing the memories because the two events (MIAF and Markt der Voelker) were outta this world. oneBlood
You can relate to this: but its in German, I sure am, there is a way to Englische version. Be Blessed! oneBlood
  • Afrika Bohemian

I just read the English version and read a bit more on your blog. You represented the country very well at the Market of the people, I will be stalking your blog to learn more about your trip to Germany. I really feel very proud to even be from the same country as you, please keep the fight going for arts and culture, i really do believe that talented and hardworking people such as yourself are the different and that creative industries are the future…and thanks so much for the kind compliment. Love and Light

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