Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Voice of a Shadow (I am the)

...I am the voice of a shadow,
The word that echoes in silent whispers of the dark night,
The circumstance. I’m the drifter, the voice beyond shadows
Of an innocent face. I’m the shadow,
For images of little beings in villages have become characters
In my dream like a vulnerable king of a defeated tribe
When tribal wars ravaged their soils a while ago,
 For time tells in its own word when rainbow shadows
Seduce our mental kind before sunrise.
But we rise to fall when fallen.
For every human has a shadow, a voice.
And I am that shadow;
The voice of a shadow that speaks its mind
When eyes
Of nature honoured Mother Nature's kindness with open arms.
I’m the voice to a shadow, the song, the poem,
The word beneath soils of the Kalahari.
For I am human;
And being human is just as human as a new day,
When shadows fall for the day unknown,
I ‘m the shadow…..

©Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and Mental inspiration poetry anthology, 2017

Poem Title: The Voice of a Shadow ( I am)
Video promo Directed & edited by Masule Kachana – DeBoo Photography & Video productions.
Video published by John E O’Hara – Poetry E Train Africa (USA)
Supported by Ilanga Tours Kasane, Botswana.
Credit to Chobe Alliance for Arts Organization (CAAO), Kasane
Label: Mambo & the Nature Voices folk-jazz & poetry live band
Commissioned by OPN Group of Companies (PTY) LTD
Sponsored by Chizo Travel & Tours, African Arts & Crafts

Video promo links:  Poetry Train MamboNtema poem 2016 YouTube
Audio link: The Voice of a Shadow poem audio 

SOUL SEEDS Poetry anthology (2014) links: Amazon 

SOUL SEEDS Poetry anthology 
As titled, "Soul Seeds" (2014) explores elemental functions of thought, reasoning and reality. It analyzes life and how each of the seeds sustains or defeats the soul and the need for personal discipline and appreciation. The imagery gathers in one basket the different emotions that paint a closest matter of attention to the mind state and collectedness. It is a reflection of situations. Scattered thoughts are thrown into an imagery of life through a natural psycho-philosophical analysis. The book seeks to promote nature, culture, love, kindness, forgiveness and spiritual freedom. The tone of each word is natural and expressive, to give a creative setting of inference and engage the mind that matters or bothers to. The book testifies that written art is created from any life circumstance.

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