Monday, 4 July 2016

Being Human part 35

Being Human part 35
Certainly I am certain that definitely I am human,
For humans are normally 
And naturally
Considered a person
When persons of man betray their souls behind curtains,
But definitely I am human and unfortunately I am human,
I have been human and amicably I am a truant,
A poetic serenade that serenades through echoes of the prudent,
A duet, for commoners become conscious minded like students
Of a sacred lesson, abducted, yet rejected ones in shanty towns resided
Their daily lives with hopeful eyes to the hand of the cruel
When the little they gathered would suddenly disappear
In pockets of the few hands of their master, for truants
Are usually regarded forsaken
Beings in patterns of their own kind like humans,
Certainly I am certain that definitely I am human,
Actually I was seven when servants
Surround their masters to begin their long walk to freedom,
And freedom 
Is attained by will-power when misty days of their struggle
Faded in thunder balls like states of matter. 
Ancestral instincts had frowned
In heavens drowned when servants 
Crowned their persons 
From the battle field as though war had finally settled
And buried under cold winter feet in days of windy dusty
Skies before eyes of a human,
For swallows would soon soar when bird calls of eagles had sadly
Returned with empty hands from the wilderness, 
But definitely I am human and unfortunately I am human,
I was alone in the wilderness of thought to provoke my human
Being, my conscience; for conscious ones promote social values
And customs with a notion of peace and comfort 
In the heart of a human soul. I was eleven
When I lost my strength
To the teeth of a stranger. A paw of a lion
And tiger. The power of life between the after shadow, the statutes
In the law of nature. I died before the day I would die, gratitude
Is my only friend when days conceive their strange essence,
And strangers tend to be human like humans...
And traitors bend the rules for dictators and navigators
Of the new world order, yet they often betray their human 
Other when seasons fall on their shoulder. I was kind but cruel
To be the human I perceived but envied the inner man
Beneath these bones of my skin.
Certainly I am certain that definitely I am human,
And I believe (that) the price of peace is just as dreams of a poor person,
An orphan, deserted in desert winds like birds
Flying away with broken wings. It is unfortunate
To forget the unknown, the sad realities when joy surrounds
The heart of a loner, for life is just as clouded as human,
An extraordinary human that which no scale would measure
But seeking knowledge.
Definitely I am certain that unfortunately I am human.

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry

Being Human is a series of poems but characters of a human in its complex nature. The poetic word play implies a broad thinking reader; the reader that speak as they read through each line but inside their heart where greatness of the mind takes precedence. It holds no measure to be human. And tragedies test our nature; human nature, as so would good. We are just human. And being human is what you become as a human being. 
Ntema (Black) Mambo (Heritage)! Mutsharaa!

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