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Foreword: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows) 2015
Let Love (part 2): Mambo de Poet with Deczybelle Shiloh 
In the first anthology SOUL SEEDS: Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry (2014), we were exploring the self from traditions of thought, emotions, culture, life and death. In this extended dialogue of thought, [the mind, emotion and the social structural components] and reality, the subject of concern is the “self and the shadow (beyond shadows)”. The anthology has gathered scattered thoughts (through a social control model that blend its principles) on social action. It seeks to ascertain (in context to its content and matter) the different models of micro (and macro) Sociological thought relative to daily life between interactants and (their) situations. Questions as rhetoric and complex have been asked in loudest and silent voices, to which circumstances as ideal become real and likewise.  How would you tell, or do, if today were your last moment on earth? What would you do before gone? Will you fear? Do you fear? Why been you cry tears without smile? Are you lonely? Are you rejected? Do you ever listen to your heart?

Imaginatively, conditions prevail when life hardens before us, but realistically not. Instantly, life is like a misty morning that fades away when the sun shines. And particularly, we are bound to live and gone, yet psychological spiritualities may differ in traditions of (their) spoken words.  Cultures inter-marry into one universal love, that umbrellas nations of the Most High. And have shadowed in trans-dynamic faces over time, with thoughts, expressions and questions (of and for, or between the self and the inner self) as thus:

Do you know who and what you are? What word do I and you utter to our ears deaf? What worth does it matter our fears dead? Which school need we serve better before dead? What would you say before gone? Will you tear? Who does care and bother? Do you know why you live? Would you give? Are you humbly lonely? Are you? Are you calmly (or frowned at when) rejected? Do you ever listen to your heart and soul? Does the music strings better deeper— in your heart than vessels of your oneBlood? Do you envy the other? Who is the chained soul between us? Or you are [an] opposite of the other?

It has been a dozen life circumstances of adversaries that befriended ours, tragedies of countless harm and hopelessness, cages of mental slavery and loss, rages of jealousy, and memories of the past. Adventures of life have taught us to become a significant self without fear to many a challenge:

Let love reign for us to become as one. Let love to innocent faces. Cherish their kindness, and their joy. Let love within your heart. Let love lead us through. And stay in love as a people; be at peace as a person tomorrow, today and the day before.

 This is another journey that journeys to spoken wordsmiths and readers of poetic expressions of reason and inspiration to find and seek what you seek to find! Lead your eye to a memory; lead your foot to a journey beyond the shadows!

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile ‘Mambo de Poet’ NTEMA

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