Friday, 13 June 2014

Set Me Free (Unchained Spirit)

Set Me Free (Unchained Spirit)

Unchain my spirit and fly away like birds in the sky,
Set me free from the shackles and the tears I cry,
Let my heart free from the struggles of life at night,
Unchain my soul like a born-free when huddles of life—
My toes and arms have strangest faces of a fallen child,
Set me free like rain drops over rivers and peoples of the wild,
Awaken me O powerful words of divine pieces to my mind,
Forsaken me when shadows ignite their night like silent skies,
I been too surrounded like prisoners of unknown crimes,
But my toes shall walk in trodden and desert soils of unknown piles,
And our song shall talk in forgotten verses of the gone great minds,
But in our hearts their song is patterned in verses of the days gone….

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

The Shadow (Beyond Shadows), 
Xlibris Publishing
2015, United Kingdom

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