Monday, 23 June 2014

The Pungent Vow 1

The Pungent Vow

This is the pungent vow— that drowns a prudent clown,
To which palms of gifted smiles— frowned in distant down,
When rose petals (are) strewn at their bridal feet—
Their scent cannot quench the air of anticipation,
From which grew their intimacy to their nimble feet,
Her smile as they make vows with affection, and tearful eyes,
In their own desire, with naked arms of passion like blue skies!
Tempted to touch their lover— as they meet over the moon light,
But who, between us can ignore when the night falls in silent crawl?
How can matters worse, or their eyes can tell, artlessly at silent fall?
Do you know why? Neither don’t I,
And how does such intuitive minds rebel?
When quarrels and impasses coerce— the other outside history,
Does domination manifest in broken— social structures a mystery?
Do we know the knowledge of discourse— and tactical missions?
Does life become too little unreal— and insufficient to lead a vision?
Can life denounce its person intimately?
Why need we explore the micro-world of thoughts?
Can we rely on artificial intelligence and Science alone?
Do we deny us the life, or abomination of time along?
This is the pungent vow— that drowns a prudent clown,
To which palms of gifted smiles— frowned in distant down,
Her smile and tearful eyes— as they meet in their strong—
With affection in their own desire, make vows,
Unto life we submit our mental kind and the mind—
When reflexive words have scattered in us at once,
And sadly reminded, worriedly delighted when rain thunders—
It clouds over skies of hopeful faces in their pungent vows,
With motivational theories— and stories of compact—
And exceptional interest to human contact,
And this is the pungent vow— that surrounds—
And drowns a prudent clown, buried in crippled arms,
To which palms of gifted smiles— with wrinkled nouns—
Frowned in distant down— when the sun downs,

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema, 24052014-0005

Poem: The Pungent Vow part 1
Book Title: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry
Year of Submission: 2015, December 31
Year of Publication: 2016, February 27
Publisher: Xlibris International (Xlibris Publishing/Author House, UK & USA)

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