Saturday, 17 October 2015

Between Two Dunderhead Friends (Part 3)

Between Two Dunderhead Friends

What if dunderheads befriend dead-woods?
They can only do as cowards do,
For they are just mentally constrained to;
Rationalize than defend
Their defenceless senseless;
Being and pride in helpless
They're just as thin air between dark clouds,
They descend in envious yet porous;
And empty as vessels of a dumb
Mongrel that only bites when fed
And often
Fall from grace to disgrace their soul.
For they not know their purpose,
They just are dead;
As walking skeletal kind.
They are never here nor there.
They chase a silent wind from imaginative deficiency,
As though theirs were a brutalized kind without remedy,
For enemy
Is their most adorable human face. They are ready;
For what does not concern their little mind.
They really are just as innocent like a broken child,
Their innocence is deceptive, as snake to a tongue.
Yet enslave their brethren with perceptive arms;
Of a lost but lunatic. O what a vulnerable pal,
For yours would fade into pages of the missing. After all;
Life cares not about you either. You can harden to a stone,
For hard ears rebel against their deafness. They're prone
To know the truth as though they had known,
And I know that you feel weak when I talk,
As days have coloured in empty blue skies galore!


Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality & Mental Inspiration Poetry, 2016

This poem discourages greedy and seemingly narrowed-bourgeois friendship. It scores further to forewarn human beings against such deceptive 'mark of the beast'. For life is just a friendly kind, yet distorted by shadows of friendship.

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