Monday, 5 October 2015


Love Lost
I longed for your voice, O lover;
And I long for your soothing voice because the softness in your magic hands;
Reminds me of the good times gone, as though it is a dream of a silent one,
But I really needed the African in you; to share my dreams and visions with,
I needed the serene sunset smiles on your face,
The magnificent dimples echoing to my heart beat,

The Zulu lullabies from a woman’s shadow, with legs of a tallest tree divine,
For I'd pay lobola to marry you, and you be my bride,
I'd carry you in my donkey cart to the land of the two,
The curves in you, the urge in you,  
I wish I could sail away with you;
To distant land where lovers rejoice,

The passion in you, as though my patience would never drifted,
The quiescent, the voice in you, the softness to your magic hands insisted,
But I pleaded with you not to run away from me,
For I am human, and so is my shadow,
And its life anyway, for humans rebel,
And our past is the only memory beneath our shoe prints,

But I treasure you still,
As though it were just a while ago,
I couldn’t let go, but I realized that you had finally gone,
And all memories buried within my heart retold their story,
For time is not just a matter of circumstance, but disheartens;
Frightens, senseless, hopeful, but hopeless,

And I wish we could meet at dreamland;
Like dreamers of silent whispers,
In wings of birds with smiling faces,
For the night shall give birth to another day,
And we shall embrace the new day,
For grace—our blue skies galore,

But I know that dreamers have their own dreams they endure,
And lovers retreat when matters of the heart withdraw;
Their senses before dawn,
For the night would seem longer,
But so long it takes, their eyes bolder,
And so I am, but I wish you could cry on my shoulder,

For I’d comfort you, I’d surround you, I’d caress you longer,
I’d seduce you, I’d amuse you, and I’d not abuse you, nor accuse you,
But I’ll just accuse your tenderness for my weakness,
And my weakness is to love and treasure you,
Because I needed the woman in you;
To fall under her shadows,

Like a child on its mother’s chest,
I believe that I somehow did not see the beauty in you,
But I saw the woman in you,
For beauty knows no other than the physical body kind,
And so I yearned for your emotional beauty,
But you were so not kind enough to sustain our cause,

But I still recall your undertones, the warmth in you,
The friend we had become, the trend we had set between the two,
And I know that it is hard to forget the days we spent together,
But wise to forget after all…my heart rests with pride for the days gone,
For love is just an emotion,
When’s lost, it finds its way back to a broken heart.

Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration Poetry

This piece narrows to the lover's sigh; a rhetoric kind of love but lost between the two.

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