Thursday, 22 October 2015

Of Life and its Notions

For the asylum would insane;
When reality entangles beneath hearts to a mermaid,
Of norms and customs gone but decayed and faded,
Of horns and phantoms bold but enslaved and painted,
Of arms and toes hold than betrayed and wasted,
Of yams and pawpaw’s than entrenched and fainted,
Of dogs and puppies than brave to be humbled,
Of guns and monies but grave in their last moment,
Of moms and sapiens, wrongs and rights for a planet,
Of charms and mountains, tonnes and tongues but fallen,
Of gums and porridge, deaf for a student,
Of calm and solid, death had secluded;
In sacred days when secrets of the metropolis unfolded,
Bound, found, sound to the deaf ear unwanted,
For life could suppress us more but depressed,
For I am not a Poet, I am just a simple man;
With notions of life complexed between the two men,
The you men, the new men, the gone men, the me man, the few men,
But true men do not hide, they delight in eyes like a true man,
They strike for a piece of bread in the basket,
They strive for a niche but dare in the casket;
As though theirs would be a better death than dead,
They cry for peace in pieces of their hearts a burden,
They smile to please their peace of mind blinded,
They hide behind their fingers like frowns of an innocent girl haunted,
They pride in times of their leaders like clowns before marriage,
They child in dozens of their notions, for life is a notion, a mystic,
A devotion. For religion knows no word uttered by tribal rhythms.
Except in ancestral tribute. For life is a termite mount, a season. 
And I hesitate not for life knows no beholder, a pity.
For life and its notions a mystery.


Extract from 'Of Life and its Notions'.
Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality & Mental Inspiration Poetry, 2016

Author of SOUL SEEDS: Reality & Mental Inspiration Poetry, 2014 Xlibris Publishing UK

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  1. Lucky M. Bulayani, Sk Sekgabo Boreje, Poloko P'nyse Kepaletswe and 5 others like this.


    Mambo Ntema: Purposely an incomplete piece (extract)
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    Boineelo Andy Nyukulane: Deep.....
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    Mambo Ntema: Thanks king...Also check on this one oneBlood.The Writer's

    Mambo Ntema

    Mambo Ntema: On the basis of Lucky M. Bulayani's philosophical thought and reason.
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    Lucky M. Bulayani: I can feel the atmosphere of the asylum where the insane inhabit. Inhabitants of the asylum choose such planes of thought to figure out and discuss.

    Interesting openings lines that unveil onto a full force drift into the very belly of the nothingness. Then another story unfolds to remind us of diversity of thought and capability to transcend to the Superman. Great work man, i enjoy the perspective.
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    Mambo Ntema: And such capability withstands its capable senses from the simple to the awkward, the weird, the not-so-everyday, the unknown, the unfounded, the intimate, the hatred, the knowledge, the wisdom, the deviant thinker's. I thank you for urging my rural ki...See More
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    22 October, 2015