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Fear is like fallen leaves,
It scatters in distant dreams,
It shutters all walks like swollen seeds,
It gathers all thoughts with broken means,
It waters all talks instantly,
Fear falls to follow immediately,
Tear falls the narrow,
Mere thoughts have a shadow,
That shadows and follows
The darkest without know,
Fear is a fear that fears in fear a while ago,
It denies a leaf the new day,
But strongest hearts rise to the moon clear,
Fear is a useless emotion,
Fear denies us possibility,
And possibility is what we seek to empower the will,
And our Will is our liberator and bringer of joy,
Fear is always an illusion,
A feeling attached to either events
Or objects that are hypothetical,
Fear only works to limit our potential,
Fear knows no color,
Fear crawls in closer,
Fear soils away the future,
It is like broken states of matter,
It channels its way into a brother,
To harness its toes to a father,
Fear pours like falling rain by the river,
And fouls a daughter and its mother,
Fear downs like a fallen hero,
When strongest hearts rise to the moon clear,
Fear drowns like a broken mirror,
When longest touch rise to the noon clear,
Fear shouts like a stolen Negro,
When strongest ones wise to the new day,
Don't fear, neither despair,
As hopeless souls rise to the moon clear.

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema (Botswana) and Lucky M. Bulayani (Botswana)

“SOUL SEEDS: Reality and Mental inspiration poetry” (2014)
Published by XLIBRIS PUBLISHING (United Kingdom)

Words as these [that can] define our sense to "fear" and our role to "clear" such fear(s). We ought to unleash and detach our minds and hearts from fear, it does kill one's soul membranes. I had the honour to be inspired by the great living legend Lucky M. Bulayani's quote on "Fear" and undecidedly penned this one great piece with his insights and inspiration. Poetry is everything, but not everything is poetry.

Lucky M. Bulayani I see it came to a full crafting my man. Wonderful display of divine inspiration. I am humbled do be mentioned alongside men of your standing in this powerful art of words. Great cover pic indeed! This piece discards all the feelings of fear in me. Its like im 'born again' like the Christian likes to say. Nuff respekt Mambo. A great way to start my day.
November 21, 2013 at 12:06pm on Facebook

Mambo De Poet Ntema It really is another dimension of our school of thoughts when days of likeness came to fore, and finally crafted this piece in its initial piece-works of words from the two great minds in Lucky M. Bulayani & Buyile Petrus Onalethuso Ntema 's personable selves. I had a strongest intimacy to the classical writings but over times, I realized that I have the same brains and eyes to think and see as I'd then write, and as is. Indeed, an inspiring piece Spinoza. .the things we perceive and regard as fear(full) emanate from how we interact with the self, emotions and reality, with which faith becomes an alternative drive forwarding our abilities November 21, 2013 at 12:13pm  

Lucky M. Bulayani The likes of which have no compare friend! November 21, 2013 at 12:31pm ·

Nobert J-Nathan Mathumo "Re-trace the roots and look to the two faces!!" What became of the seeds!? its a blessing, nuff respect Buyile and Mr lucky. It is finally done when great minds meet, the only casket to bury fear z courage. November 22, 2013 at 11:50am

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