Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Silence in Caught - part 1

Silence in Caught 
Caught between the unusual as doors;
Close in brutal forces,
As silence in caught foregone;
The cosmic thought in crucial doses,
But violent toes of the unknown have judicial clauses,
Very abstract and void to the wandering soul;
Kind to their servant, and in the depths of despair,
To the nerves of each tear transcends,
And the jury of lengthened days to their edge,
In clear persons; the toothy wolves of scented;
Tales to their surge of mere patterns,
 Speak up in silent caught;
Keep not in violent thought—
Of mere slaves in cells,
Speak up when swallowed;
In darkest seize, despoiled words;
Not heard in sense,
As horns of trumpet mourners descend;
Songs of hunted goners gone,
Silence in caught when surrounded by dull moments;
Of loners told,
As pregnant clouds of scattered souls neared;
Eyes of long lonely days long,
Drowning in distant books of missing pages,
Piles of long (old) stories untold,
As mankind awaits distant truths of leaning traces,
Miles of many walks afore,
And does any kind caught in such silent caught;
When vines of thought run ashore?


 ©2015, Copyright protected. Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
THE VOICE OF A SHADOW (not published)

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