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The 7th Rule

The 7th Rule

December 6, 2014 at 4:19pm
The 7th Rule

I feel guilty when I sit back and watch my eyes fade into a dark cloud,
But I know that the rain falls not in tears but rain drops to the ground;
And the fallen shall rise to the voice of their shadow without a doubt,
I feel pity for my tireless body and soul, my heart and toes entangle;
But I was told 'not to give up' she said, 'as matters reveal, time will tell',
And the seventh rule of my diary, 'seek my own from within'....
But colours too bold like dreams I went,
I went to the teachers of theological metaphors, their word;
And parables of ancient ages their tongues and toes their songs urge,
And I knocked on many doors, many times I was told to be gone;
I recall the day I wished for a day no more, I was all alone,
I was thrown out of the house I belong(ed) for many years more,
Was I not to become a better man when ages gone?
I was all alone and my soul crawled in silent pause to my toes;
And I suddenly saw an eagle's eye between shadows...
I still feel guilty, I wish I could have, but I could not,
I was a child still, and I was helpless for so long I can recall;
When I sit back and watch my eyes fade into a dark cloud...
I could not search for the truth anymore, I am the truth,
I am the truth to be told in my own words as nothing but the truth,
I refused to be scattered into wildest wishes, I perused;
In papers old but could not find, in scriptures told and abused,
In winters gone but the moon keeps shine and seduced;
My eyes bold as hopeless days faded into a dark cloud,
I still feel guilty though, as though I should not;
But I feel pity for my eyes old, for I need see more,
I still need seek more in pages scroll...
And find the missing pages of vulnerable thoughts,
I still need pick myself up for the day come, I need tomorrow;
I need today than the day before, but I need write more before gone,
And my guilt will be proved beyond a reasonable Court;
For the jury knows my innocence from the day born,
And I shall keep on until my body is finally done and gone;
And until my arms hold, until my heart knows,
I'd write as empires of the seventh centuries before;
And recite as warriors of the seventh army ashore,
For this shall serve in the seventh rule of my diary;
As I seek further between the lines in summary...
As sheep in Calvary, as deep in sub marines,
As calm as thunder, as blue as empty skies afield,
As one as a wonder, as new as empty nights a shield,
I have rules and principles therewith, and I plough my empty field...

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

Book: The Voice of a Shadow: Life, Reality and mental inspiration poetry anthology

All rights (of the Copyright and Intellectual property) reserved. 2015/2016 
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