Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Life Reflections (at 30)

Life Reflections (at 30)

Yet another moment I look back to reflect on a journey at 29,
My mind is thrown apart in empty eyes;
Of hopeless tears they fall as I walked to the pearly gates,
But karma detains me in hopeful arms of the new moon;
As I reflect and looking forward to the moments of my life at 30,
But I recall the trials and tribulations of yester-days;
And I wish life could surrender its army to my silent heart,
For I’d invade its privacy with intimate walks like a distant relative;
Whose matter denied their duty at an eye’s blink,
And I continue to pick up the pieces of life beyond seen;
As though it were my last days to begin,
Yet another tussle between the thin lines of my days given…

I know I am human, and I know that I am given,
I know that I am truant, but I surely know that I am gifted;
And my days shall be taken, and my body shall be hidden,
But I’ll die a happy man, even though my soul has drifted;
In days after shadow, as though I’d die a silent one,
When butterflies spread their wings over flowers in a sacred garden;
I’d rather try spread my wings over towers on a sacred journey,
To fulfill my purpose on earth before dead but calm;
As winter days cold but rainy days crawled in days burden,
As bitter days gone but sailing ages known by the silent many;
Uneasy but faded in silent dreams beneath,
Yet another beautiful love, lost, but found within…

Troubled dreams of stolen hearts and hidden treasures;
Quietly but loudest voices of my shadow in shaded matters,
Where wolves scattered their prey like faded catchers…
As I reflect on my life at 30,
Wishes permeate my membranes more!
And I wish to live beyond today, for life I endure...
I yearn for days and nights more,
I've learnt through the paths in brighter but swollen toes;
As seasons reciprocate their fall and rise…
Like soldiers of intimate paws between their smiles,
A decade of triple counts to my stolen diary;
But I have to fill in chapters of the missing pages,

I ought to run between the lines of ancient writers,
And write like gifted sculptors;
With patient hands over sudden skies,
As I write more, for life is a shadow;
A soul mate, an ocean of bridges thinner...
Beyond which we are shadows of life,
And each shadow knows its follow;
When lions roar like mountain climbers...
Our voices echo in silent voices loud;
But our passion has dozen more as life,
We are the seed that soils in scattered;
But gathered arms of dozen smiles,

Why don’t we become seekers of truth to over stand the sign of the times?
For wishes have their own wings they fly;
As high as wishes do, I was all alone when my soul crawled…
At silent pause to my toes, and I suddenly saw an eagle’s eye;
Between shadows…And will-power does in faded fears and dig matters past,
But wishes bury impossibilities and blend in colourful trials;
For wishes marry their own color without rainbow colors…
And I continue to pick up the pieces of life beyond seen;
As though it were my last days to begin,
Yet another tussle between the thin lines of my days given…
As I reflect on my life at 30, karma detains me in hopeful arms;
Of the new moon as brighter days shine my eyes!


- The Voice of a Shadow, 2015
Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema 

All rights reserved. Copyright protected.
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