Thursday, 19 March 2015

Conversations with Lucky, Kopo and Prince

Art Thou the Poet and Writer I Know?[1]

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“…Copo Kalvocoressi Montgomery, Lucky M. Bulayani will tell you that as a writer and an orator, for him to achieve anything noble, anything enduring, it must be by giving himself absolutely to his material. And this gift of sympathy is his great gift; just as it is Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo de Poet Ntema’s great gift; it is the gift of those who pursue their virtues before they pursue the opinions of society. It is the fine resilience (and focus) in them that alone can make their work grand. If we have the same approach to life as young kinfolks, as entrepreneurs, as scientists, then we cannot fail my brother. That is the survival mechanisms that can sustain us all,” – Thabo Prince Katlholo.

“Life knows no other than life in its realistic sense, and whatever one strikes to pursue, it is either you make it or not. But whether you make it or not, it is upon such a soul to create, initiate, meditate or brave, elevate or grave, celebrate or crave, etc. it takes more than a corn to fill up the basket. As always said, life is a spiritual journey irrespective of one’s religious affirmations. Even the toad does none other than live. Or will thou go ask lions when they meet in their desert or rain?” Onalethuso Petruss Buyile ‘Mambo de Poet’ Ntema.

“Art thou the poet and writer I know? Art thou word that troubles poetry frequent a times! How can I do without Buyile! Only to submerge my person into trembles like a leaf in a harmattan season.” – Copo Kalvocoressi Montgomery.

“….And who that man is? He that stands (taller) than seen, and stretch a little further when the going runs rough… Or will thou (art) go ask the creator?  From whence we come and so grow. Life and existence unto us He (has long) granted without born. Who? Unto whom need we repel or attract? Are we not human? Why do we say and tell the way we do? Why do we say in broken voices? Do we surrender (un)to will-power and crawl? Are we not human? In what circumstances do we become human, and what don’t we? Or will thou walk talk the poet inside yours and mine to reveal the unknown? What don’t we know?  What do we know? Such words we share as the natural other redeems a distant heart; to keep going without fall, and rise again, if and when we let be…” – Onalethuso Petrss Buyile Mambo Ntema

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