Thursday, 19 March 2015

I'll Whisper in your Ears (Part III)

I’ll Whisper in Your Ears (Part III)

I will whisper warmth destined for your depth,
And as I whisper into your ears, let my lips envelope;
Yours to unseal the wounds you hide,
Allow my aged hands to define each word;
I sound, may they feel your soul’s heartbeat,
Let me caress you longer, and let my caressed words;
Send chills unknown,
And let my whispers rule that forbidden throne…
Let me touch you further in your body and soul;
As my hands hold in untold fairies and whisper in your ears loud,
Not too loud for miles to hear but a little louder for you to be here…

I yearn for a silent voice with eyes closed in winter days;
When seasons cuddle each other’s shoulder,
And I will whisper sacred words of love to the beholder;
In scattered but faded voices older…
When echoes of the wilderness summoned in dozen whispers,
Let me wipe off those silent tears in sudden winters;
For tears fall when eye drops fall in swollen soils wither,
In quiet moments I long for you to whisper;
A distant scream so often resembles the power behind your whisper,
And take over my being with your subtle undertone;
And hum in beautiful arms on a lower tone,
When moon light our doors will shine in open arms like songs of a baritone…

Let me be the strings to your Spanish guitar;
Like dreams of a traveller’s night,
As you did to my ears when I fell into your soft melody;
When eyes blue like footprints of a drifter,
Let me whisper in your dreams when treasures do collide in whisper;
Like shakers and rattles of a musical rhetoric teacher,
With serene monotones from your heart beat in dozen times deeper;
Where flowers grow in shaded gardens and whisper,
In my ears long as you wish, I will whisper;
In your ears like butterflies in olden days as love on a picture,
How great thou art O love so divine when whispers;
Tell in their smiles but sigh when miles demand us more than a seeker…


Co-written by Yolanda Nkonjera and Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
Edited by Yolanda and Mambo de Poet

- The Voice of a Shadow, 2015

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