Monday, 30 March 2015

The Silent Thought (I'm not Alone)

The Silent Thought (I'm not alone)
Why do I stay alone? Why do I live alone?
Am I (really) alone?
Or do I not know [that I’m alone]?

But why need not I find a silent heart?
Why need I not find a silent ear, a silent thought?
Why need not I listen to its silent voice?

Is it the silence in me, or the inner being?
Why need not I hear to its silent voice;
In song like silent river across rivers?

Who is the voice in me?
Whose voice do I hear talk to my silent thought?
I can hear deep voices deeper;

In silent stories deep, and who is that voice deeper?
Who is the voice in me?
Who is the silent keeper?

Am I not alone? Does thought talk?
Does the heart and mind talk?
Who is the silent one? Am I alone?

Then what is the voice in me, if I’m alone?
Or if I (ever) thought so, think I’m not,
Because I’m the silent thought;

That knows the shadow,
I’m the silent one; I’m the silent winds that blow;
In desert soils of the distant gone,

I’m the foot that walks long;
Longer, I’m the few that crawls,
I’m the toe that walks longer;

When push comes to shove, a little longer,
I’m the root of ancient heritage and trees taller;
Between seasons green to their leaves,

I’m the silent thought; I’m the stolen piece;
Of silent pebbles in silent peace,
I’m the petal of flowers at ease—

When sudden thunder storms over each,
I’m not alone, and this is my silent thought;
As I walk a mile at a time,

And await my eyes shine;
To smile....
And talk longer in silence a mile!


You see, it is the art to life when words labour us into deepest reasoning and thought. The will and the means to such art amazes. Circumstances do matter us speak, ask or do. 

- Onalethuso Petruss Buyile NtemaThe Voice of a Shadow2015 (unpublished)(c) All rights reserved. Copyright protected.

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