Monday, 30 March 2015

The Voice of a Shadow (part I)

The Voice of a Shadow Part I

Am I the shadow? Am I the voice of a shadow? 
Or the moon that shines;
To the full moon brighter…
Like the morning stars in sacred shadows,
I'm the sun that shines;
As days beyond the shadow…
A candle in the dark, 
A struggle in the past;
A struggle in silent heart, 
I trouble in silent talk;
As days in violent days,
As days in silent days...
I'm the future of my days;
As days to my future days,
I'm the soil in fertile land;
My seed grows for generations come,
My hand touches wildly but calm;
As dry grass and pieces of dry leaves—
And twigs of tallest trees forgone,
I'm the ancient stones between mountains high;
As stones beneath rocks,
As labourers dig such fortunes for the chosen ones;
Their faces sweat in sacred laughter—
But faded as reality unfolds,
I'm the great fishermen by the long;
Rivers for too long;
Before man could be taught...
And before laws became the day's song,
How I long for you O full moon!
And how I wish I were you O full moon!
How could you gone O full moon!
Will you stay a little longer than before?
How I yearn for days like yours O full moon!
But I am the voice of a shadow;
That roars between life and the shadow,
I am the ancestral soul between shadows;
Of yesterdays, today and tomorrow,
I am the voice that calms without force;
As winds of change from dust to coast,
I descend from places unknown;
As death, yet death does not proud its cause,
How I long for rainy days between my shadow;
For I'd sing a rain song like tribes of ancient souls,
And say in voices of a shadow;
Like natives in their faded shadows,
For I am that voice of a shadow in thick shadows;
Where words echo in silent smiles but sorrow,
As drenched in darkest shadows;
Of life and its mystics, but wide in forbidden shallow...


Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Ntema
The Voice of a Shadow
2015 (not published)
All rights reserved. Copyright protected.


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  1. This piece narrows its wings between life and real, death and unknown, imagination and dream. It personifies life as the voice and circumstances as its shadow. Often, we are manipulated by circumstances to be what we become for the next moment; from the past but present. And at times, intellect demands no educated being but an elevated and motivated one that strives for the better without any intimidation or fear or low self-efficacy. As Science to an equation, as Philosophy to a theorem, as History to a trait, as Law to a nation, as Class to a social system, as Symbolic to a religion but life knows neither strings nor strands! As though, the voice of a shadow.