Sunday, 13 July 2014

Do not Escape Me O Dear Life (part 2)

Do not Escape Me O Dear Life (part 2)

And my song shall faded gone;
When the night comes…..
But my hearts talks at silent pass;
In arms of a child; and walks in tongues,
As life and death have become—
Too parallel than one of a kind,
And days shine too little to the darkest heart and eyes;
Without calm; as ages of metaphysical gone in faded smiles,
And minds of peoples have become too closer with Science…
But does religion define us when selfish ones had become?
Does life know our own? Or does, when silent gone?
Or does my song faded gone when the night comes?
Or does soul escape us in illicit palms?
Or broken as clouds faded in distant thunders?
And so long my person does,
Do not escape me in wanders…
Do not escape me O dear life!
Purify my heart, clean and pure— like colors;
Of the rainbow, dreams come true,
Like matters of the heart and all I knew,
Come to my heart let me stay with you,
Protect my soul under the sky so blue;
Shine your light, as I walk but through,
Shine my life, as I talk to you…


adapted from Mr. Ntema (Mambo de Poet)'s one-drop tune "STAY FOCUSED" (Riddim Yut Prod., RSA, and EQuematic Records, BW. July 2012)

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