Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Mambo de Poet is tasked to assemble a Team of dedicated young Spoken Wordists and dub-Poets, with a local Marketing, Communications and Promotions team to carry out various community and corporate projects such as ART FOR CHANGE alias DYSIS Graphy, SOUL SEEDS POETRY PROJECT; Chobe Inter-School Poetry Competition, Art Word (Transformative leadership program), Book Reading sessions, Sunset Poetry (for tourists in lodges etc), Mentoring, etc. The team shall also plan for the Book launch event tentatively October 2014 due to bureaucratic channels for sponsors and partners. 

The local team is currently housing Nobert Mathumo (Poet/Creative writer), Lucky M. Bulayani (Poet/ Creative writer), Theresa Gorvet (PCV - USA), Kristen Tate (PCV - USA), Prince Hyah (Graphics & Events Management), Trevor Marewa (Graphics), and still open for additions! 

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