Friday, 4 July 2014

Will I Find Her? (Will I Find Love? pt. 2)

Will I Find Her?

Trampled as they too become, and gone;
Humbled as they few become, and faded gone;
Struggled as the moon in cloudless calm;
Shackled as chains arm, and torn;
Troubled as pains harm, and pour;
Strangled as days come, and born;
Kraals do when a cattle runs,
Souls do when a battle erupts and denied gone;
But souls detached in silent but loudest fall;
Crawls do when little ones; grow,
Yawns are tallest paws of wildest droughts;
Wrongs are longest songs, but why do we bother?
Admit to be wrong, and accept my dear other;
For love is all near;
Where lovers dance and share—
To their bone, than sit apart when the day’s mild;
And the winter night longer,
As if the thunderstorms roamed the skies uneasily, bright!
And dark mornings swallowed their pride;
As lovers dance to the twilight of creation in kind,
But songs and talks are rarest clouds— as they gather,
Hence surround yours in silent thought further….
Longest talk deep I thought in questions—
Too many an answer;
And what if I were right? Will it matter?
What if she was right? What if she was gone?
Does it now matter? Does love set downhill afloat?
 In a sea of scrub woodlands; or need I find more?
Will I find her? Or need I look a little further?
What if I were wrong? Will it still matter?
Will I find her? Or should I miles further?
What if I find her? Will I dare leave? Or better;
Stay than look any more not further?
What if I stay alone? I've been so alone!
And love seems not worried by the dawn;
So why need I find her? Why doesn't she find me?
Why don’t we find each other? Or find us in a long dream…


Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
(MAMBO de Poet)

Book: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry
Year: 2015 (to be published February 2016)
Publisher: XLIBRIS Publishing (UK), Author House/ Author Solutions International

Poet's Note/ Theme:

This is a loner's narrative of 'longing' for love; a wishful lover. It denotes the complexities of love and unknown intimacies to which we find our selves trapped in between, and the extent to which such complex realities may hinder us to pursue 'love' again. The narrator's voice is sorrowful but hopeful, though doubtful. Therefore, if one needs pursue such love, they ought to find HER and share with. Who are we to escape such realities? We are human, after all.

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