Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Will I Find Love (pt. 1)

Will I Find Love?

Will I find love? Or does love seen?
Will I find her? Or should I miles further?
If I find love, let love wrap me around you;
In comfort arms of love,
Wrap you around me in arms of comfort love,
Grow me in seeds of fertile land;
Where love reigns for long,
Saw you in dreams of days long;
And my eyes leadeth where eagles dare soar,
But my heart knows that so long;
As I live, I’ll remember your touch,
I’ll rekindle my seed in fertile land;
I shall remain the farmer until rains gone,
And voice my concerns when I find love;
And voice my sentence in comfort love,
And concern my voice in sentence aloud;
When time prevails its cause like a silent cloud,
As butterflies in their tongues of love;
When toes of mine shall dance in song,
As winds have blown from the South to the North;
And heading to the East and the West and far beyond,
Too further and far beyond unknown and the known,
Will I find her? Or should I gone to the known?
Where love shall become a wing to a dove,
But pronouns and nouns have words of their own;
And strong ones and arms have strengths of their own,
In Soul Seeds I had written— that her name is love and the one;
That my heart and eyes have given, but in arms all gone as hidden…

Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

Book: The Shadow (Beyond Shadows): Life, Reality and Mental Inspiration poetry, 2015
Xlibris Publishing, UK
Author Solutions International

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